Saturday, January 1, 2011

PET Scan Results

Dr. Coffman called me Thursday evening with results of my PET scan. He said there were no new spots, however I am still showing activity in the same places I had them last time.  He explained that the scan shows abnormalities like Christmas tree lights and the brightness of the lights are measured.  He went on to explain that although there is still activity, the numbers have improved since the last scan.  The last scan had 2's and 3's (cancer would throw up 12-15's and higher).
Dr. Coffman sent my results to my surgeon for his opinion also.

He finished our conversation encouraging me to relax and enjoy my New Years celebration and that we would follow up with another PET scan in 6 months.  My next visit with him will be in February.  I'll keep you posted.

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  1. No new spots is good news! Hopefully the 'activity' will die out as time heals. Thanks for the update and hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Years!
    Love me