Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Superwoman!... NOT

I was diagnosed in March 2009 with breast cancer. I consult with a surgeon at Cleveland Clinic on April 15th to find out what is next along my path. Although I am not looking forward to the days ahead, I am anxious to find out what my journey is going to look like.

Just a few weeks before I was diagnosed, a friend of mine was diagnosed with breast cancer also. She (J) has already had surgery to remove the mass from one of her breast. She has started a 5 year regimen of Tamoxifen. She was told it makes you gain weight. Great! Just what every woman wants to hear. She recently underwent a breast MRI that revealed 2 more lumps in her other breast. J met with her surgeon again today. Afterwards I got a text from her... "Can't do this"! I immediately sent her Ph 4:13 I can do ALL things through Christ which strengthens me. I then called her as I sensed she needed to talk. Uh yeeaah! They informed her they were not going to biopsy this one, located behind her nipple. Instead they were going to perform a wire guided surgery to remove them. That is, they insert wires to surround and pinpoint the lumps so that when they go into surgery they know exactly where the lumps are. (click here for more information) I've had one of those years ago for a benign lump. It was not pleasant. They also informed her they cannot numb her. Wha...??!!! Are you crazy?? I thought torture was illegal in the U.S.! It was bad enough under the guise of being numb (insert needle, shoot numbing stuff, insert wire...not exactly numb when he started). J, I will be praying for you.

Which brings me back to the scripture I sent J. I used to think that scripture said, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Well to my surprise it doesn't say that. It says I can do all things through Christ WHICH strenghtens me. Which means I will be able to do these things (with Christ by my side) and because of what I will go through I will be strengthened. Like iron in the fire. Hmm, I need to ponder that. I 've always been in the mindset of 'superwoman"! You know, Christ will give me supernatural powers to be faster than a speeding bullet and all that stuff. (picture Superman, not feeling the bullet, but catching it!) So, I'm still just me and I still have to endure what I go through, but I will come out the other side stronger for having gone through it. That means I HAVE to trust Christ to get me through it.

God, I believe. Help my unbelief.


  1. 13I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.(KJV)
    13Christ gives me the strength to face anything. (Contem. Eng. Version)
    13I can do everything through him who gives me strength. (NIV)

    No matter how it's interpreted, you're right, girl -- HE is the source of our strength, and we'll be stronger on the other side. Nancy

  2. I'm praying for you...for strength. Rest in God. HE is our strength! Love you & praying -Julie Dickson

  3. Mindy,
    I am so sorry to hear that. My daughter's best friend went through that last summer. It was rough, but she is now cancer-free. Medical science has come a long way and a lot of people are beating it. I know you will be one of those people. You have such a good attitude and outlook on life, and so many people love you and care about you, no matter how far away you are; this makes me confident you will win the fight.
    Love you,

  4. Dear Mindy,
    I am so sorry to hear this. Know that you are in my prayers. I will pass this along to some of your friends here in Chillicothe who I know will be interested and praying for you, also.
    Love ya!

  5. "And now, Lord, what do I wait for? My hope is in You. (Ps.39:7)
    Waiting expectantly in hope with you...love, m

  6. Hi Mindy,

    Just wanted to let you know that you are in our prayers. Thanks for sending the update, and we will be remembering you on the 15th. This is one path that I wish no one had to travel but like you said, your journey will make you stronger, but there are times when we wish we could just stay a weakling, and this is one of those times BT

  7. Kristina EthridgeApril 8, 2009 at 11:54 AM

    Phil sent this to me today, thought of you.

    Revelations 3:8
    I know your deeds. See, I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut. I know that you have little strength, yet you have kept my word and have not denied my name. (NIV)

    When God leads you to the edge of the cliff, trust Him fully and let go, only 1 of 2 things will happen, either He'll catch you when you fall, or He'll teach you how to fly! 'The power of one sentence! God closes doors no man can open & God opens doors no man can close. God will be opening His door for you soon ! Have a blessed day and remember .....You are a blessing...

  8. You da man. Still praying for you here in Texas.
    Love ya.


  9. Hi Mindy,
    Thanks for sending me a link. Praying for you lots! Christ's strength is like no other strength- amen!


  10. Hey Mindy,

    Thank you for sending me this link. You are in my prayers! May Christ's love and blessings flow as he directs and stengthens you during this time. Remember our God is an awesome God!


  11. God will strengthen you even more as you walk this road. While I was going through it, I repeatedly asked God to use me and man, has He ever. I have been able to talk to so many women who have endured the treatment. I never asked, "Why me?", instead I asked, "Why not me?" Christ went through so much suffering for my sake and when He died on the cross, He took on cancer and all physical ailments, in addition to sin. He bore it for you...isn't that comforting?

  12. Dear Mindy,

    What can I say? I hate that you are joining this journey with me. As you know it has been a difficult one but God has been there next to me even when I couldnt see Him. I know He will be there for also. We love you dearly and will be praying for you!

  13. jennifer hiatt looseApril 17, 2009 at 10:25 PM

    Hey Mindy...Just wondering how you're doing? From the sound of things, at least you don't have to do the chemo. The radiation is very easy and just to let you know, I'm on the tamoxiphon and have been for about 2 years...No side effects for me except the hot flashes. I probably would have had them anyway since I'm menapausal now anyway. The fact that your doctor is not rushing into surgery is a good sign that it's not agressive like mine was. Sounds like this is just a little bump in the road for you but you WILL make it through. I am praying for you!!

  14. Prayers really do work and many have been answered! What more can I say?

  15. Hi Mindy, I hope you get some much needed rest this weekend! Sharon B