Saturday, January 1, 2011

My Friend Connie

 This post is about my friend Connie.  Connie recently celebrated being cancer free for 6 years.  Like me, Connie had breast cancer.  When I was going through my treatments, Connie sent me cards almost every week encouraging me to keep my eyes on Christ. She gave me a painted block of wood that simply said "Trust in the Lord". I still have that on my dresser. She was helpful to me explaining what to expect during the treatments and what type of side effects I could expect. She even gave me a book called "Just Get Me Through It" which was very helpful. Having already gone through breast cancer treatments, she was able to recommend lotions and even shampoos for my bald head that had helped her during her treatments.

There were times when I was having "good days" that she would pick me up and take me to lunch, or we would go to the theater and watch a movie. She was there for me when I needed someone to just to understand what I was going through.

The picture below was this past September, 2010 at the Wolstein Center in Cleveland for the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure. Connie encouraged me to join the race and I'm so glad she did. She literally took me by the hand and showed me around. We had a good time at the race. 

Later that day Connie learned that her brother passed away. I felt useless as she sat in my driveway processing the news, but I was glad I was with her and was able to lend her my shoulder to cry on.

 Shortly after I began my chemotherapy treatments, Jenn threw me a "hat and scarf party". I had pictures taken with every guest and had them wear the hat or scarf they gifted me with. Below Connie is sporting the black bowler hat she gave me. She also gave me a scarf that she had obtained at a another Race for the Cure walk she had attended.

Connie has been a good and supportive friend.  Now I will be returning the favor of being supportive as she has just found out that her cancer is back. Connie is scheduled to have a mastectomy January 11th.   Please join me in prayer for Connie as she is about to begin a fresh journey through breast cancer.  I will continue to update you as she allows me to when new details present themselves.  For now, please pray for peace for her and her husband, and for wisdom for the doctors to make the right decisions on her behalf.

I love you Connie. Trust in the Lord


  1. What a wonderful wonderful woman! Connie is an angel who was sent from higher powers. She is an inspiration and know she will be blessed ten fold. Thanks for introducing us to Connie!
    Love me