Saturday, October 15, 2011

Susan G Komen 3-Day for the Cure - Cleveland July 2011

Early morning July 28th at the Port Authority. These illuminated balloons were guiding beacons for a large group of pumped up walkers ready to walk for a fantastic cause.

Team 'Marcia's Girls' were one of the top fundraising teams. Thank you to all who supported us!

I was a flag bearer in the opening ceremony. What an awesome experience.

Belief was the flag I carried. What an honor to be a part of such a moving ceremony.

Here I am with one of the many fun sweep van teams. These "Elvis's" were there to make sure all the walkers were safe and taken care of.

The neighborhoods we walked in showed their support of the walkers in several ways.  These little beauties were out in the heat offering lemonade and water along with these beautiful smiles.  I walk to find a cure so little girls like these never have to experience breast cancer.

This guy was sporting a t-shirt his group sold to raise funds. Love the saying!

Morning of day 3, we stopped at the blister tent to tend our wounds. This was one of the busiest sections of base camp each morning.

My new friend Kris and I posed before heading out on day 3. Both of us with blisters and gimpy knees. But we were determined to finish the day and walk into closing ceremonies on our own two feet.

This young man was totally into the fun and  spirit of the walk as he walked for his aunt.

One of the final pit stops, Kris and I were hot and tired and limping, but as one button we saw said.."Limping doesn't need chemo".

My last medical tent stop and I had to get a picture with my buddy and therapist Jeremy. Jeremy made sure I was ready and able to finish walking on day 3.

One of the many chalk messages along our path. These messages were encouraging and inspiring. Thanks to the crew members for writing these every night.

Walking into the closing ceremonies with other survivors and flag bearers. We were all totally pumped. I was thrilled to see my family in the crowd!

Part of the closing ceremony, raising a shoe in memory of those who couldn't join us and those who are fighting the battle.

Closing flag ceremony. An extremely moving event.

I cannot begin to put into words the amazing and moving experience I had during the 3-Day for the Cure walk. I hope if you ever have the chance to participate in an event like this, don't hesitate to sign up. Whether, I walk, crew or just cheerlead, I plan to be a part of this event as often as I can.