Wednesday, August 7, 2013

More Faces

 Continuing to bring you the faces in my prayer list. 

Today I am adding two folks that just recently received news of their cancers and are still trying to come to terms with the roller coaster ride they are just beginning. 

This is Harold E. Harold was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer.  Harold has had a full bone scan and will be having a body CAT scan on the 16th of August, so we are still waiting to hear what his treatment options will be.  I've known Harold almost all of my life. This face is personal to me,  Harold married my aunt when I was just a young girl.  I babysat their children and now their grandchildren are having babies.  I will keep you updated on Harold as we get news.

Harold E

This is Beth H. Beth also was recently diagnosed with multiple myeloma. Multiple myeloma is cancer of the plasma cells. This prognosis came as a complete surprise. I met Beth at an ABC conference for bridal consultants. We connected almost immediately and have kept in touch since.  Caught off guard, Beth texted me from her hospital bed asking me to step in at a wedding where she was the wedding planner. Beth has already had two surgeries and expects to be on chemo for 3-5 months. She is very tired and still trying to process all that has occurred in a short month since her diagnoses. 

Beth H

Please keep Harold and Beth in your prayers as they begin their journey of cancer treatments.

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