Thursday, November 24, 2016

A Day I Will Never Forget

March 16, 2009 is a day I will never forget.

It was a Monday after my husband and I had just come back from a weekend away celebrating our 26th wedding anniversary. Around 10:30 that morning my office phone rang and, after I announced my name to the caller, I heard a nurse on the other end of the phone tell me she had the results of the biopsy that had been performed on me about a week earlier. She very calmly told me the results we positive and began to tell me the next steps I needed to take. She told me she would contact a surgeon and someone from their office would call me to set up an appointment to meet with the doctor.

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  1. Hi Mindy! So great to see you! Praise God you are the other side of this now and can share your journey to encourage others. I've been working with an HHP for three years and have removed gluten and dairy and most added sugar. My migraines are completely gone, many of the Fibromyalgia symptoms are gone and I've lost 45 pounds and 33 inches. Best of all, I feel great. Have a long way to go but I agree diet is huge.