Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowl Sunday

Today is a day when millions of people are celebrating Super Bowl Sunday. All eyes are on two teams being led by brothers who, this week anyway, are not feeling very brotherly toward each other. Everyone is excited to see who will win the game of all football games. Millions will tune in to watch the game, watch the commercials and watch Beyonce's lips. The day is one big party from the food to the game.

I too am sitting in front of the tube,  albeit waiting for the commercials, and although it's just me and my honey quietly sharing TV time at opposite ends of the couch, I could care less which team wins. Both are awesome teams or they wouldn't have made it this far. In my book, they are both already winners.

Today I am celebrating more than just the Superbowl.  Three years ago I finished my last radiation treatment.   See the post "Done is Good" for the information I shared that day. Even though I still had plenty of healing to overcome, that day started my count down in survivor hood. Each year presents another milestone, with the excitement of looking forward to that magical fifth year. That fifth year I get to stop taking daily post chemo drugs, I get to stop saying I'm in remission and start saying I am cured.  Many ask if we can ever really talk about a cancer cure. The sites I read generally say the answer is no. However, the odds of recurrence may be so low that a person can essentially say they are cured. 

I have a few naysayers around me that feel it their duty to remind me that the cancer is lurking in my body and the chances of recurrence is likely. Logically I know that is a possibility, but please, do I have to be reminded of that probability? There is also the likelihood that cancer may NOT come back. Can we focus on that?  As you can probably imagine, I have been reading and researching about causes of cancer and the speculations as to why it is on the rise.  More and more people, scientists and doctors are coming to the same conclusion. Our food, our environment and our stress levels are the culprit for this crazy increase in this nasty disease.  Slowly, word is getting out about the causes of cancer and what we can do to prevent getting this disease, stopping it or even reversing it.  I am learning about upgrading my eating, getting more exercise and giving thanks in all things instead of stressing about them. (God commands us to do that anyway...if we only would listen).

But regardless of the "things" I can do, I still ultimately put my faith in God. I refuse to live with the when or “what ifs”. Matthew 6:34 says "Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own." And Jesus tells his disciples in Luke 12:22 "Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat; or about your body, what you will wear." So, I choose not to live in fear and worry if cancer will return. Instead I will learn what God wants me to learn and  make changes in my life, but most importantly I will  continue to put my faith in Him. 

Today is MY Superbowl. I'm already a winner, I have made it this far!  Happy 3 year survivor Anniversary to me!  Thank you Jesus for walking me down this path!

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  1. Happy 3 year Survival Anniversary!! =)

  2. You are a winner! You've won teh Superbowl that really counts! Love me <3

  3. I am so grateful that God has BEATEN this cancer. Why anyone would feel the need to remind you that it could come back is beyond me. Having lost a son-I have had a lot of people say a lot of thoughtless things to me. Usually it is not out of cruelness-but a lock of sensitivity and maybe some ignorance. I am sure you full know what the risks are for yourself. Both of my parents died of cancer-and I know that I have risks, too. You can't walk around in fear each day and worry. That's why God says to focus on just today-it has enough in it

    1. THIS is the day that the Lord has made, let us REJOICE and be GLAD in it! Thanks Donna!