Tuesday, July 30, 2013


It's been quite a while since I last posted on this blog. I am thankful that my oncology visits are routine with no news to really report.  I continue to pray for those on the right column of this blog. I hope those of you who visit this site do as well.

Since my last posting in February, I've been made aware of more people who I know or know of, who have been diagnosed with some sort of cancer. Can I just say cancer sux.  

The folks I know though are FIGHTERS!  I want to share with you just a few faces of the beautiful people I am praying for. Some of these have been on my prayer list for awhile, while others are new.  I hope these faces make these folks more real for those of you who do not know them, and for those of you who may know them, I hope this posts helps to keep their journey relevant and before you.

Let's start with Jenny L. I've know Jenny since the mid-70's but many years passed before we connected again through Facebook. This beautiful and talented woman of God, still has a smile that will brighten any room she walks into.  Jenny had breast cancer several years ago and was loving counting her survivor years. On her sixth year follow up visit, the doctors found cancer in her bones. All of us who know her were in shock with this news. Jenny, however kept only positive comments on her FB page and continues to live life regardless of her devastating news. She has faith like a rock.

Jenny says she has to have 3 shots once a month and her oncologist wants to do more scans towards the end of summer just to see how her bones are looking. Jenny is convinced it will show a huge improvement because all the pain is gone now except when it's about to rain, she still feels it, but then she says she's only "a little achey... but that's it"! Jenny shared that the nurse who gives her the shots says when bones are getting weaker like hers were, that's when they ache. So the fact that Jenny is virtually pain free now is great news! Jenny says " I'm walking a mile most days now and can do things I couldn't do last summer and didn't know why. God is GOOD!!!"

Jenny L

DeAnn L is another friend.  I've never met DeAnn face to face, but she is a dear friend of some of my family members who used to live in her state.  DeAnn and her family have had multiple physical issues in the recent years. Breast cancer was her diagnoses earlier in 2013. After a lumpectomy, another surgery was required to remove a second spot that was missed during the first surgery. Doctors recommended an aggressive treatment for DeAnn. 

DeAnn just went in for her  fourth chemo treatment. She was not looking forward to it as her last treatment really knocked her out., She spent many days in bed after treatment # 3, anemia having set in. DeAnn hasn't checked in with us since starting treatment # 4, but she was hoping her red blood counts had "fixed" themselves enough so that she could continue her treatments.  She stated before she left for her treatments this time "I am always resting in His everlasting arms to what ever comes my way, Thanks for the prayers..."

DeAnn isn't shy about showing off her loss of hair. She is fighting a battle, hair isn't her big concern.

I hope you will put these ladies on your prayer list.  Stay tuned for more FACES and updates soon.

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