Monday, September 14, 2009

4 Down, 2 to Go!

I had my 4th chemo cycle August 31st. I wasn't as fortunate as last time with the side affects, but God has still been with me. I did not have the need to take any sleep aids and have taken very few anti-nausea pills this time. However, my blood counts have taken me to new lows and I am now anemic. This results in low energy levels and having to watch when I stand up too quickly, bend over, turn my head...... The first week and a half after this treatment, passing out or almost passing out was a bit too common. I think I'm over that part for now.

My birthday was just a few days after this last cycle and Dave wanted to take me out to dinner to celebrate. Not that I felt much like celebrating, but I did want to get out of the house and have a nice meal. Jenn blessed us by joining us. As I was walking out to the car, yet another episode of "Brought to you by Chemotherapy" moment occurred when I almost passed out again. Once that moment passed, Dave asked if we should continue and yes, by golly, I was going!! We arrived at Main Street Cafe on the square in Medina and ordered our meals. When our food arrived, it looked and smelled so good... but lo and behold my taste buds failed me. I could barely taste the food, and the little bit I could taste was tainted by chemotherapy mouth. I have experienced odd (downright nasty) tastes to no taste at all for the past 2-3 cycles and was really hoping that it wasn't going to happen this time, but it did. And on my birthday. How dare it! The good news is, I regain most of my taste before each new sessions, albeit, slightly tainted, but I've learned to deal with it.

Now we are down to 2 more cycles!! My next cycle is Sept. 22nd. I will really begin the countdown then!! My last cycle will be sometime mid October and I should begin to finally start feeling better about 2 weeks after that. During this "time off" I begin meeting with the radiation oncologist for education, molds and pictures.

Thanks to all of you for your continued prayers during this long drawn out process. The end is in site for chemotherapy!! I will continue to keep you updated. Thanks for sticking in there with me.


  1. Hello Mindy! It's Karen Wessely. Thank you for sending me your blog. I,too have been selfish in accepting Tim's death. I want him here with me and I cry mercilessly whenever I think about the day I found him dead. I want to have faith that I will make it through this, and I know that God will not give me anything I can't handle, but I'm not handling this well at all. It's been 7 months and I miss Tim more and more every day. I continue to apologize to God for being selfish, and I pray that He will help me through this. I just don't seem to feel the Holy Spirit anymore.

    However, I'm starting a new Beth Moore study at The Chapel this Wednesday called "Esther - It's tough being a woman." I'm looking forward to weekly small groups and learning while God's Holy Spirit fills me up again!

    I continue to pray for you daily. I actually went horseback riding with Cassie on Saturday. What a mistake. Although it was fun, I can barely walk. Everything hurts.

    I ask that you keep me in your prayers also, as I now am dealing with some form of vasculitis, which is inflammation of the arties/blood vessels/veins. The inflammation makes them all tender to the touch. Tomorrow I will go for an Ultrasound of my gall bladder because I have been having excrutiating pain (with nausea) between my breasts every morning before I even eat. Dr. thinks it's either gerd, which I've been treated for and not had any relief, or the gall bladder, or a hiatal hernia. I am also borderline diabetic and must now test my blood sugar several times a day and watch my diet.

    It's been 4 years since I applied for social security disability and I'm still waiting for an answer from the 3rd appeal process of appearing before an administrative law judge (September 22, 2008). It's definitely a part of the system that needs to be revised. Unemployment just ran out, so the only income I have is child support for Cassie. Thank God I am not paying rent.

    God actually provided a home for Cassie, Robert and I to live in just this April. It's a beautiful home that Cassie's friend pointed out to us as having been empty for 2 years. I did some research and contacted the owners who have not made a mortgage payment in 2 years and were never contacted by the mortgage holder (WaMu). The bank never foreclosed and the house never sold, so it's been empty. The owner told me to go ahead and live there. They are in Hawaii now and don't plan to return. So, I had all of the utilities turned out and cleaned the place up, and we have made it our home for now. The bank has given the account to a collection agency that contacted me the other day to say that the bank is willing to sell the home to me for 1/2 of what's owed on it. I am praying that somehow God will make this happen. My parents are not willing to help, so I'm waiting on disability to find out if I can afford the house or now. Everything is so up in the air. I pray for stability for me and my family.

    Enough of my blabbering. Let's keep in touch!

    Karen Wessely

  2. Mindy,

    Unfortunately I understand too well all the things you are going through and I can only pray that they get better. I hope Dave is doing well and that he’s supporting you in every way. I see so much of him in me as I tried to understand and support Linda 6 years ago. I also see the same love he has for you which is a blessing I hope you cherish.

    I am so sorry you have to fight this battle and I pray you will be victorious.

    It was so great to see both of you.



  3. wow, seems like jsut a few days ago you told us and now it's almost your last Chemo treatment! Cant wait to hear you say it's your last radiation treatment!! Sharon B

  4. Hi Mindy. . .. I am so proud of you and your steadfastness, humor, and continued faith in the face of trials. Keep looking up.

  5. We are keeping you in our prayers always.

  6. Keep the faith my friend.

  7. It's encouraging to know that you're not letting the Chemo keep you from living your life!!! Keep fighting and praying daily!!! I Love you!!!