Monday, July 27, 2009

Ok! Ok! So I stretched it a little......

My apologies for those of you who have talked to me lately and aren't convinced my blog is accurate. Right after I posted the last blog, fatigue kicked in pretty heavily. My energy level took a nose dive and I have been pretty much a couch potato since then. I really didn't mean to sugar coat what is going on with me, but do know that Dave and Jenn are taking very good care of me, making sure I eat and don't over exhaust myself. Please rest assure, even if I had the energy to over do, I wouldn't be allowed.

Thank you for all your concerns. I will get some energy back before the next round of chemo (scheduled Aug. 10Th). Until then, keep those prayers lifted high! I love you all.


  1. Hey friend, sorry to hear that you had a delayed sound like you aren't having any trouble taking it easy. I worked full-time through my chemo and it was really hard!! I only took days off when the porcelein throne was my best friend or when my white count was too low to be around other people. This time is precious for you. Take advantage of it!!

  2. You do whatever Dave tells you to do. I know that wives usually win 95% of the battles with the husbands ( I've only been married a year and a couple of months, but I have already learned this ) but in this instance Dave rules. We all just want you to get through this, so listen to the hubby. Your in our thoughts, we root for your FULL recoverery. Pat and Nan