Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I Passed!

Well, I have ordered my "cranial prosthesis" and a few head pieces and have now had all the preliminary tests before I begin chemo. Today was the MUGA scan (heart scan) to determine the strength of my heart. My results came back normal. Normal results indicate that the heart squeezing function is .......well.......normal. A normal value is above 55% and mine was above that. I was teasing Jenn that I was disappointed that I didn't get a 100% because I always strive to get A's in school.......I plan to graduate from breast cancer survivor school with honors!

My next step along this journey is my first chemo treatment, one week from today. I plan to celebrate after each treatment is over, marking each one off with joy as it moves me closer to being finished. If you're so inclined......celebrate with me!!

Thanks again for your continued prayers as I begin chemo soon. I am praying for minimal side affects and no complications.


  1. Dear Mindy, Woohoo! Congulations on passing your test! I knew you had a generous heart, but I'm also glad to know it is strong and the "heart squeezing function" is normal. You are always in my thoughts and prayers. Get your cap and gown ready. Summa Cum Laude here you come!! Love, Linda....aka "Babs"

  2. Hi, Mindy! Greetings to you in the precious name of Jesus! I have been reading your blog and in that way, I was able to follow up with your "journey." You mentioned in your blog that you are going to undergo chemo soon. I am pretty sure that your MD mentioned about anti-nausea meds to take as nausea is part of the package of chemotherapy. During my time, I took EMEND tabs and I could attest that it worked perfectly with me. During the course of the whole treatment, I did have have a few nau moments but never threw up. It was not bad as I thought as the nausea that other patients have experienced. Constipation is also something to mind too. I did not experience this wth Emend. It was tolerated so much.
    I hope I am able to help in sharing my experience in my own little way. You will be fine and in my low moments that time...I kept reminding myself, "God is in control." You will always be in my prayers.


  3. we always knew you had a big heart!!! Glad to hear the tests are coming back good. Nan and I will keep yoou in our thoughts. Hope to hear from you soon. Pat

  4. You’re my hero.

    By the way, a guy at work gave me something to check out for healthier, healing ways of eating, etc to help your body recover from diseases. I’m sure there’s a thousand of these things out there making all kind of claims but I thought I’d pass this along. It’ll give you something to read and occupy your time. It’s called the Gerson Institute at

    Love ya.

  5. Glad for the good news! Can't wait until your list is all crossed off and you can trash it! When you are done and you start a new list, I think the first thing on it should be "flying lessons with Dave".

    Love you!

  6. We're gonna throw you a graduation party too when it's over!! party hats, noise makers, confetti!! Sharon B.

  7. hey you must pretty important cuz I see the White House left a message!!

  8. Mindy-Mindy-Mindy~
    Have I told you lately how much I love you?!?!??
    Today's devotional had me in Psalm 69, and I thought of you after reading your update. It says (v.6) "Let not those who wait for You, or Lord God of hosts, be ashamed." David knew God was in control of every situation. We can depend on His faithfulness and anticipate with joy what He WILL do.
    Celebrating with you in my heart sweetpea!!!
    "your little margie"
    in Vernon Hills